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Booking Instructions Teja Art & Crafts Workshop

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Who can attend?

  • Parent can bring kids under age of 7 to join only (Batik Coloring, Tie Dye & Oil Pastel Workshop) not advisable to do other workshop due to safety.

  • Anyone can join us.

How to book our workshop?

  • Click link ( Crafts Workshop ) at the homepage.

  • Click Book Online

Date & Time Selection

  • Please choose the timeslot of the Art & Crafts Workshop selection.

Booking per pax

  • Maximum to 10pax per booking


  • Its depend on the Maximum Number of Participants per timeslot. Max 15pax

Cut Off Time:

  • 1 Day / 12 Hours before the workshop

  • Also depends on the seat availability

Payment terms

  • Pay using the Debit/Visa

  • Fpx

  • Grab Pay

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